About the site

There are many excellent websites dealing with the problems associated with inequality.  My aims in creating this site were:

  • Find a more visual way to convey some of the key concepts surrounding inequality in order to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Provide a signpost to books and other websites dealing with inequality.

The site deals with inequality between rich and poor in the UK only for now. Inequality between nations is a bigger topic, although I believe that if we can start to move thinking forwards on national inequality, it will become easier to tackle global inequality.

About the author


I’m an economics graduate who has worked variously as a chartered accountant and IT consultant with Ernst & Young, and a managing director of a manufacturing company.

I created this site to raise awareness of a number of important issues on inequality and taxes on the wealthy, that are rarely brought to light in the press, which is predominantly owned by the super-rich. I have used data from reputable sources only (the government departments OBR and ONS, Thomas Piketty, and the IFS). I’m not funded by anyone, and would lose out financially if the measures I’m proposing were adopted. But I want to live in a fairer society, and I believe our economic system will fail if we don’t make some radical changes.

Contact me here:  Simon Oldridge