The UK has become much more unequal since the 1970’s


  • Find out where you fit based on your net household income – click on chart bars
  • How much better or worse off would you be if we took inequality back to the average of the 1970’s – press Reduce Inequality

The graph below shows the latest household incomes data. You can see the spread of net income (after tax) from the poorest percentile of UK households on the left to the richest. Because household sizes vary, the graph can be altered to suit your household – which means you can find out where you fit in.

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The income that a household needs to attain a given standard of living depends on its size and composition. So, to compare your household income with that of the rest of the population, we first need to know the number of adults and dependent children living in your household. Data and method from Institute of Fiscal Studies here.

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