How much wealth inequality should we accept?

Most people would agree that society needs a degree of inequality in order to provide an incentive to work.   But many now believe that inequality has gone too far, with the emergence a super-rich elite who use their financial power to ensure that governments pass laws for their benefit.  Whatever you think about this, shouldn’t it be the role of the people to decide how far we allow inequality to go?
After all, it’s us, the majority, who ultimately make the rules.

How far do you think inequality should be allowed to go?

Drag the bars up or down to shape the curve, and press Submit when done. Bars must be higher on the right. We’ll then show you the real picture.

Here’s an example inequality curve. Households divided into 10 bands, the poorest on the left, and the richest on the right. The scale tells you what share of the country’s wealth each band has.
Pull lower bars down
Push higher bars up
What do you think?   Click on the bars and drag them up or down to set the maximum level of inequality you think we should accept.  Once you’re happy, press Submit and we’ll give you the real numbers.  We’ll also show you the average view of those completing this survey.

UK Office for National Statistics – Wealth & Assets survey 2010/12